Saturday, September 29, 2007

photo: Soigné gathering, 15 Sept 1957, Oak Room of the Plaza

The Washington Opera is born.

Of course, Albert is in the center of this lively bunch!

Left to right: Tommy Dunn, Connie Mellen, Peggy Smith, Day Thorpe, Albert Fuller, Margaret Cox, Gregory Smith, Elinor Douglas, Paul Callaway.

Update: See BG Thorpe's comment for details.

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Anonymous said...

I left a comment yesterday, but maybe it didn't reach you. This photo is dated Sept. 15, 1957; it's at the Oak Room of the Plaza. I would describe the gathering as Albert, and Tommy Dunn, giving sustenance & inspiration to a group of DC residents who had just begun a project that would become the National Opera.
-- BG Thorpe
Blue Hill, ME 04614