Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AF Tribute by Peter Lombardo

Zoltan Ovary, AF, Hugues Cuenod

A Memory

I first met Albert in the fall of 1963. I was on my way to a dinner party and was waiting for the elevator in my hosts’ building when two gentlemen came up who obviously were going to the same party. Apparently they knew more about the guest list than I did as the younger man said in that cheerful and friendly voice that I came to know so well. “You must be Peter Lombardo, I’m Albert Fuller and this is Dr. Zoltan Ovary.” That was the start of a forty-year friendship with these two wonderful people which has ended only now with Albert’s passing.

Others more qualified than I have written so eloquently of Albert’s musical genius and accomplishments. I can, however, speak to his friendship and generosity of spirit. I was a young physician who had just finished my training and had a head full of medical knowledge but no patients and few friends. Albert and Zoltan quickly changed that situation. They introduced me to their friends and colleagues who became my friends and patients. It was a privilege to have the world of baroque music opened for me by Albert and to share in his friendship which was always given with a spirit of joy and a patina of fun. Can we ever forget the wonderfully riotous and delicious dinners we had at Albert’s table?

All his friends appreciated and admired Albert for the music and we all loved him for the fun and laughter!

Rest in peace, dear friend you are missed.

Peter Lombardo